Why Work with Us?

We are a group of consultants based in Myanamar with extensive experience starting and running businesses in Myanmar and other emerging markets.

Let us help you explore your options, show you the first steps to enter this new market, full of promise and opportunity.
This is perhaps the last frontier for global business, 60 million consumers in a newly-opend country rich with natural resources and land borders with China, India, and Thailand.

Whether it's the right time to to do business in Myanmar is not the important question. The question is what are you doing to prepare your business to have an advantage in the Myanmar market? If you wait too long, your competitors will grab the advantage and seize the market space.

With our services, you can gain a foothold and advantage in this new market at minimal risk and at high return on investment.

We help you protect your intellectual property by registering your brand and trademarks under Myanmar law. We will localize and establish your brand in Myanmar, and help you gain valueable Market Intelligence specific to your brand and product. When the time is right, we can help you find the right local partner, as well as provide the market entry corporate services that you need to get operational.

Global Emerging-Market Expertise

Our consultants have worked in many different countries across the world, and have extensive experience in identifying unique challenges and common obstacles across emerging markets.

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Local Knowledge and Contacts

We focus on Myanmar - a unique and exotic ecosystem that has developed in isolation over years of military rule. We know how things work here, why things work the way they do, and who keeps things that way. Let us help you minimize your risk.

Specialized Domain and Industry Experience

Our consultants come from diverse industry backgrounds, and can help your business with the right on-ground knowhow.

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Our Team

Our consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with specific domain expertise. They all share a common entrepreneural background, establishing and running successful businesses in Myanmar.

Toh Kheng Guan

Kheng Guan Toh Principal Consultant

Kheng Guan has had an extensive international career in Cross-Border Trade consultancy, specializing in the implementation of national-level e-government systems to improve trade in developing economies. With a career spanning over 40 countries, he considers himself an expert in getting things done in emerging markets. Kheng Guan is CEO of Interact Asia and Oomyan Creative.

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Dr. Yin Yin Aye

Dr. Yin Yin Aye Principal Consultant

Dr. Yin is a graduate of University of Medicine 1 in Yangon, Myanmar. She continued her career as a Medical Doctor in Malaysia, practicing at Selayang Hospital. She is passionate about healthy living and personal development. Dr. Yin is Managing Director of OkGoJobs.

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We provide specific market entry and pre-entry services to help you bring your company to Myanmar and to help it prosper in this unique environment

We can help you, and provide the tools and services you need - from your initial analysis to your eventual entry, operation, and growth in Myanmar.

We have a carefully mapped series of services for every stage of your pre-entry and market entry:
Intellectual Property Protection -> Brand Localization -> Market Intelligence -> Market Entry Strategy -> Matchmaking -> Corporate Services

IP Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Protect and register your brand, trademarks and other intellectual property in preparation for your eventual entry into Myanmar. (to the best possible extent, and according to current Myanmar laws)

Together with Myanmar lawyers, we provide the legal and administrative services you need to protect and monitor your intellectual property, and ensure you don't receive any nasty surprises when you do eventually come to Myanmar.

Brand Localization

Brand Localization

With extensive experience marketing, advertising, and selling products in Myanmar, we will make sure your brand is localaized and effective for the Myanmar market.

We will work with you on a cost-effective and sustainable campaign to promote and strengthen your brand in Myanmar ahead of your eventual entry into Myanmar.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Leveraging off your brand localization campaign, we will gather and analyze data to provide you with specific and actionable market intellience specific to your brand, product or service, and industry.

Generic data is readily available from generic consultants; we will provide you with the exact market intelligence you need to make informed decisions regarding your entry into Myanmar.

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Market Entry Strategy

We will work with you on a consultative basis, using the Market Intelligence we have gathered, to formulate your best course of action on how to bring your business into Myanmar.



We strongly believe that working with the right local partner is the key to success in Myanmar.

Myanmar is a huge, untapped market that is full of potential. However, it can also hold many risks that new entrants are not even aware of. Finding the right partner that shares your vision and is willing to share your risk is priceless. Let us help you find that partner.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Once you are sure that your brand connects strongly with the Myanmar market, that you have the right plan, and possibly the right partner, we can then provide you with a full set of services you need for your business to launch, operate, grow, and prosper in Myanmar.

From legal and administrative services like company registration and permit application, to marketing and advertising services, to logistics and sales services like call center outsourcing, to employee recruitment, we can cover all your needs.

Our goal is that, by this point in time, we will have demonstrated sufficient value and built a trust relationship of sufficient strength with you, that you won't even consider another provider.

Myanmar Main Office

11(H), Pauk Zaydi Lane 2, 8 Miles, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon 11062, Myanmar

Malaysia Representative Office

15 BU 11/15 Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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